Flash Back

Computers at the St. Peter College

omputers and typewriters for the agricultural school in ShyogweThe EAV is a secondary agricultural school on the edge of Shyogwe.
A three-year course costs around €700. The school has something like 400 pupils and can hardly make it with the school fees charged to pupils.
The school does have computers, 10 in all. In the past these were acquired with support from government and overseas. Now, nine years later, they are hopelessly aged and only six of them are still in use. The rest are broken and cannot be repaired because there are no spare parts available.
The photo at bottom right shows that the people are very caring for their PCs, which are protected from the red African dust with covers made from flowery material.

A 5-year-old PC from the Netherlands represents fantastic progress for this school.
Fortunately many large companies write off their PC equipment after 5 years. And some of these will be fine for the EAV.

The school also needs typewriters so that the pupils can learn touch-typing. They need 12 typewriters. Now that most word processing is done on computers, there must be plenty of typewriters in many an attic.

They would be more than welcome. Give us a shout and we’ll come and pick them up.

Thanks in advance!