Flash Back

A doctor in East Congo

aymond Bombo is a trainee doctor in the hospital at Boga, a small Congolese town just over the border with Uganda, around 60 km to the north of Rwanda. His wife lives in Shyogwe where she works as the diocesan accountant.

Raymond is studying medicine in Congo because the course there is better and cheaper. The small hospital he works in has 25 beds and one operating theatre (see top photo).
In the past Boga has been attacked by rebels who hid in the dense jungle and the hills.
Fortunately UN Indian "peacekeepers" put an end to their activities.

A major desire on the part of Raymond is knowledge exchange with western doctors.
Since there is no Internet connection in the hospital, the doctors working there are denied access to all the medical information that is freely available on the Internet. In Boga they still have to work with out-of-date teaching materials.

In the Leeuwarden Medical Centre (MCL) there is growing interest in knowledge exchange via e-mail.

An initiative that knows no limits