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Muraho (greetings)
The Multimodus Foundation is a fair and sophisticated organization successful in the field of education, health care and drinking water management. Our projects now are focused on Central Rwanda where we cooperate with the Anglican Diocese of Shyogwe in Gitarama.
By, amongst others, a good cooperation with other (aid) organizations, we are able to keep overhead costs very low. We want to invest as much money as possible there where it is needed the most.
And ... as said, we want to take good care of human aid now, so we will not be needed anymore in the future.
To do so we need all the help we can get.  Not only the deployment of volunteers but also financial needs.  Our policy is to pay for our own expenses when we visit our projects in Rwanda. This means that  95% of the donated money goes to the relief effort. That is what we stand for.

Jan Dros,
initiator of the Multimodus foundation
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