News Flash

Do you remember .....Sarah ... ... the midwife in training. It goes very well with her.
She is now doing a internship in Kigali, capital of Rwanda.
We have done well to her support. Last summer we met her and you can't imagine a
more grateful woman. Her 2 children are growing well and here niece is taking care
of the children whenwhen she has to go to school.

Faustin her husband is still in India and is completing his last year of study. He too
will soon return to the diocese where they needs his experience and skills. Sarah
has given the e-mail addresses of here sponsors. So she can personally inform
them of her developments.

6 more months from now she will complete her studies and a very inspiring midwife will return at Shyogwe and
surroundings. Pregnant mothers will be incredibly happy to have her on their side.