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Second Chance
Second Chance Rukundo Ministry is the initiative of Pastor
Rukundo Jean Pierre Methode. Jean was born in a Rwandan
poor family on Tuesday 7th December 1971. His parents
divorced when he was 4 years old. He grew up in very hard
conditions without food, clothes, love and medical care.
Jean Pierre dropped out of school when he was in primary
year three and spent one year as a street child in 1981-82.
His hope had gone and his future was really uncertain.

His grandmother found him on the street brought him home
and gave him a new opportunity to study. Jean Pierre used
this second chance given to him; he studied seriously and
became a bright pupil. He studied primary, secondary and
university studies. He is now a father of three kids, and has
been serving communities in Rwanda for self-help projects.

It is also worthwhile to visit his website:
Volunteers of Second Chance in Rwanda